Amber Wallis

Helpful, easy, great place to get a great vehicle! Will definitely go back. Got a great vehicle for an awesome price. Would recommend.

Ariel Vasquez

By far the best car buying experience I have ever had. Eli and Pablo both helped me and were very honest about everything. I will be coming back to do business whenever I am in the market again and will definitely recommend to everyone I know. I came in knowing exactly what I was getting and was never pressured into anything. Another plus is that they are military friendly! Thank you to both!

Frank Alvarez

One of the best experiences I've had when it came to car shopping. Pablo and Eli were in no rush to sell me their selection of vehicles. Once I did purchase that car that I wanted, they gave me a great deal for the price and a solid car. Would definitely look for a car there again!

Jonathan Lunsford

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when considering a car with a rebuilt title. As you might imagine my initial response, when confirming the rebuilt title aspect, was to discount it immediately. However, when I looked into it further, and did some research on Atlas Auto & Marine, I was able to confirm that have an excellent reputation in this arena and that the vehicles they recondition come out at the highest quality level possible. I ended up purchasing a Ford Focus ST which I had independently inspected by the local Ford Dealership and they, not only passed the car on all fronts but, went out of their way to express what an outstanding example of a Focus ST this was. I basically got a car that had a Kelly Blue Book value of nearly $20k for ballpark $14k. Now I know that when the time comes to sell that car that I will have a lower sale price to face but, technically, I'll be losing less money as there's less depreciation on a lower spend.

While I was at the Atlas Auto & Marine offices (which are mercifully very unlike a car dealership) I happened to be admiring a twin turbo BMW 750 IL and Eli and Pablo were kind enough to let me take it for a test drive, even though I had already closed the deal on my Focus ST. The BMW was extremely impressive, as one would expect, and after I had returned to their offices they let me know that the entire interior had been on fire in that car. I can tell you now that I would NEVER have known that. There was absolutely no trace of fire damage of smoke of any kind and I felt like I was in a car that had just come off the showroom floor.

I highly recommend this firm as an option you might not have considered before. I have already recommended them to a friend and will probably be buying my wife's care from them within the next month or so. Great firm, great guys, impressive across the board!

Rose S.

We just purchased a vehicle from Atlas Auto and Marine. Eli is not just great, he's amazing.
High integrity, very clear and clean information. Great eye contact. Honorable. He genuinely cares about his clients and goes out of his way above and beyond to make sure you are happy. This company is fantastic. If you are looking for a used vehicle, look no further. The customer service is outstanding!!!

Thank you Eli,

Rose and M


We were very pleased with the service and excellent buying experience at atlas auto and marine I would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone looking to buy a car. This was my grandson's first car and he was extremely impressed with the professional way that he was treated.


Great experience from start to finish. We had been aggressively shopping Imprezas for about a week. We knew the new market was prime due to the model year flip and thought we could use the market to our advantage to get into a quality used Subaru. We found used 2015s actually priced over new 2016. We started shopping 14s and 13s. That's when we saw our Impreza on Cargurus at Atlas Auto and Marine. The first thing we noticed was the price being so low. When we inquired as to why, they did not hesitate to explain that it was a salvaged title and give us every detail they had on the car. When I looked back at the listing, I realized that it was also in the description of the car and I had simply missed it. That was enough to get us in the door. From there, the experience only got better. There was zero pressure on us from a sales standpoint. They let the car sell itself. It was priced correctly first and for most. They went over everything that had been fixed and showed us all the facts on the car they had. We drove back the next day and started paperwork. As we were making the sale official, it was revealed that someone else had been interested in the car, however Eli was aware just how interested we were and rather than using that fact against us and up the sales pressure, he let our process take course and put his other appointment on hold. He never said a word about any other interest in the car until we said sold. Any worry we still had in the sale was gone after finding that out as I would guess you could count the number of dealers who would not have lead with information like that on two hands. Frankly, we are hoping we are done with car shopping for the next 10 years, however you can bet Atlas Auto will be the first place we check out the next time we are in the market.

Corinne DeLutis

Bought a car from Atlas very recently. 2013 Honda Civic LX Sedan. The price was amazingly low. While the CARFAX States clearly an accident, it was repaired to very acceptable condition. Pablo was a total sweetheart! I highly recommend this dealer and the integrity of their cars. Thanks! ✳✳✳✳✳
P..S. My daughter loves her new car. ☺

Chris Marlowe

Pablo was incredibly accommodating and very professional. Bought a 2013 Honda Civic in great condition. Easily $2000-$3000 below market. Unbelievable deal. The paperwork process was pretty quick and painless and Pablo was such a great guy to work with. He even came in on a Saturday when they're usually closed to do the deal!

What really showed me their professionalism was when the battery died the day after I bought the car. Bummer...but all I had to do was call Pablo, tell him the price and they sent a check to cover the cost. Such a professional way to do things. Totally recommend them. Loving my new car and loving how easy of a process it was!

Thank you Atlas Auto & Marine and thank you Pablo!

Carl Andersen

The guys were very caring and understanding. They would not pressure you and stood by their product. They were understanding and very outgoing. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to buy a decent vehicle at great prices.

John reilly

We are so pleased with our car. Eli and his team are so amazing, very nice people. Thank you so much guys. God bless you all.

Teresa Sazo

Very nice guys, we just walk in and they gave us the key of the car to take a drive test. The office has toddler toys. 100% recommend

Phil Felten

I had the best auto buying experience ever at Atlas Auto! I will go there first for my next car. Eli and staff were great, honest and helpful. No pressure. Love the car, love the deal and love the process!

Lyndsey Dombroski

Atlas was fantastic to work with. Pete and Eli wanted us to have this car and they made it work. The paperwork was one sheet of numbers... not 5+ like you get at other dealerships! Everything was right there for us to see - no hidden fees. 100% honesty from the beginning. We WILL be returning to Atlas! Thanks guys - we love the car!!!

Walt Graeme

Just bought a pre-owned Cadillac SRX from Atlas. Pete and Eli were really easy to deal with. This was the most enjoyable car purchase I have ever had. I bought the car for $ 5000 less than the local dealer advertised for a lesser model. No pressure no hype, great trade-in value and the best price anywhere. I'll always go back to Atlas for my cars.

Marion Helmuth

These guys are awesome! Best car buying experience I've had. Didn't feel any pressure at all. They are very knowledgeable and gave us a great deal!

Joestin Ortiz

This guys are very good doing what they do ! Me and my family had a great experience they walk with you with extremely confident and they are very trustful guys . I recommend Atlas Auto &Marine to anyone that wants a really nice car you will have an over the top experience.

100% Recommended to anyone!!!
Thanks Atlas Auto & Marine

Josie Knowles


Bill Thielen

Eli and Pete were very accommodating , quick and made the experience extremely personable. You feel very welcomed from the start and you are not treated as customer but as a friend. Highly recommend anyone to check them out. Looking forward to buying another vehicle from them in the future.

Bryce Hamilton

Highly recommend. This place has a great atmosphere and I felt no pressure at all! Great personable people. Thanks for the amazing used car guys.

Debra Neil


Colleen Parrish

It was a non-traditional experience, but it was a good one! Eli was helpful throughout the purchase process and after. Very professional and even helped us find a great deal on a car loan!

nina demkovskiy

By far the best experience yet! Eli and Pete both were friendly, nice and best of all not pushy at all unlike all the other dealerships around. It was a quick and easy process and they had the best deal on the car we bought, than any other place in town. My husband and I would highly reccoment them to anyone !

Beatriz Fonseca

By far the best experience ever! My husband and I are so pleased with the purchase of our new car. They are very honest guys who take their time with you, they even stay til late to help you out. Mostly loved how they don't pressure you like other dealerships. They made everything so easy, such a helpful friendly staff. Even had one of the guys play with our 1 yr old son while we did the paperwork. Amazing guys working there. I highly recommend this place. We would most def buy another car from them. Thank you guys!

Gerrick Mcfadden

This place is AWESOME, They very hard to get me in to the vehicle that I WANTED(2014 Dodge Charger RT Plus 100th Anniversary Edition). Eli and his crew are very professional and COMICAL. I would recommend anyone to go check this place out. I'm a happy CAMPER. THANKS GUYS..

Mark M

My wife and I had by far the best experience buying through this car dealership. We are so happy with our purchase. Eli and Wes made our experience so easy and smooth. I bought a 2013 Ford Explorer sport back in July. We love the SUV. Their photos on the website were accurate to what i saw in person, and if i had a question their costomer service was exceptional. Wes and Eli were so patient with us while we were trying to get approved for a loan. We stopped in multiple times with our children, and the office was even kid friendly, which made it even more convenient for us. Everyone that worked there were very resourceful and friendly. I will definitely be back to buy our next car here. Thank you Atlas Auto.

Crystal Myers

I purchased my car through Atlas and not only did they have a great price point comparatively, but I felt comfortable through the whole process. They are fast at responding and made the process painless and exciting! Just how a new car buying experience should be! Thanks guys :)

Mark Mitchell

These guys are the best!! Everyone was super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They made my car buying experience a pleasure. I got the best truck at the best price in the state of Florida ( I looked everywhere ). I wouldn't hesitate to buy another vehicle from them again. If your looking for a new ride skip the big dealers and go with them!!


These guys were upstanding! I love my Hyundai Veloster. They stayed open late for me to drive an hour to get there after work. Took their time to work with me and got an awesome deal!


I bought my first car from Atlas and it was totally a stress free experience. Everyone there was professional and honest, and I love my car so much! Don't hesitate to go meet w them - if they don't have your perfect car they can help find it for you.


Its my first time buying a car in a dealer, and i have to be sinsire i was bit afraid mostly because the car was in another state, but the service and the communication with Eli was great and he gave me confidence to buy the car. I really do recommend this dealer. Thanks

David Donaldson

I have purchased many vehicles in my life, both new and used. My experience with Eli was the best of all of them. He went out of his way to assure everything was taken care in a professional and extremely friendly manner. We agreed on a price and the work that was going to be done that would be added to the cost. He went out of his way to save me on the work and in fact he wrote me a check for over $900 back. Where else does that happen? All that for a $10,500 Car I would be using when in Florida. I always say, if it seems to good to be true it most likely is to good to be true. Eli defied the odds. He is wonderful to deal with, knowledgeable, and he truly cares about doing the right thing. By the way, I am actually driving it back to NY. can't believe I am writing a review like this for a car dealer. What next an attorney review?


I found what seemed to be a beautiful 96 MB SL320 on this site and the price was right so after talking to Eli he sent videos of the car being driven and during a "walk-around" showing things up close. The bottom line is I purchased the car "sight unseen" and had it shipped to Texas. I was not disappointed both in the time of delivery or the status of the car. Eli has been most helpful and patient as the post office took 10 days to deliver a two-day package with the signed contracts to Eli. This is my personal project car and should I want another then Atlas will be the first place I look. You won't go wrong dealing with Eli!


Eli and Wes were both wonderful to deal with and offer great deals on their vehicles. I drove all the way from Jacksonville to Venice to purchase a vehicle from them. Thanks guys! I love my Nissan Murano.


Buying a BMW at Atlas was one of my best car purchasing experiences ever. Eli is very knowledgeable, honest, open and straightforward in his business dealings. He thoroughly explained the vehicle's background and what procedures he went through to completely restore the vehicle to pristine condition. The vehicle looks, performs and drives great. He took care of all the paperwork and completely explained everything during the signing process. He even took care of the transfer procedure to ship the vehicle to where we live in Iowa. I highly recommend him and his business and would not hesitate in purchasing a vehicle from him in the future


What a great experience! Thank you Eli and Wes you were both wonderful to work with. This was by far the best car buying transaction we've ever had, Eli was patient, informative and open to making us happy with the purchase!


Eli, the owner of Atlas Auto and Marine, was wonderful to deal with. He went out of his way to insure that my auto purchase his company met my every expectation. His attention to deal went far beyond what I would have expected from a used car purchase. If you are looking for a used car, with low mileage and in pristine condition (all his cars are), you can't go wrong in visiting Atlas Auto and Marine in Venice FL.

Tim Wegscheider

Cant say enough about Eli and Wes. Purchased a 2014 Nissan 370z and these guys went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and very happy with my Purchase. A+++


What can I say about Atlas Marine Auto... They are awesome. Good quality cars, Eli was very helpful and honest during the process. I would definitely recommend them for your car buying needs.


Great place to buy a good car. Eli is very knowledgeable about cars and only picks out the best cars to buy, repair as needed and resell. I bought a 2012 BMW and it works / runs perfectly. Could not be happier with my car. Glad to find such an honest person in the used car business. PS - I had never met Eli before buying this car from him but will buy any future cars from Atlas.


I have never purchased a vehicle out of state and unseen before, but Eli greatly helped me understand the process and the car was everything he said it was. I am very happy with my purchase.


Eli was a pleasure to work with and he knows what he's doing. I found him to be professional, trustworthy, honest and very straight forward. I would recommend buying a car from him any day.

i live in Bradenton fl, and the many dealership I went to were not like atlas auto and marine. The first time I went was an amazing expirence I got to test drive the car I liked, and all the questions I had asked about the car were answered truthfully and in depth. The financing they have to offer is amazing and gets you a low interest rate as well. I now own my new 2011 bmw 328i and everything on it is perfect and runs great. Thank you for the great help you offered.


We bought a Honda Accord for my son (his first car) . Eli was very helpful answering my questions. He was also very "low pressure", and offered to allow us to have my mechanic review the vehicle before we purchased it. He even brought the car to my Office to make it easy for us to test drive. He was extremely professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pre owned vehicle.


Easy process and the car was just as advertised. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this business to anyone. I am extremely pleased with my experience at Atlas and especially my purchase!


Great experience, Eli went above and beyond to make sure we're satisfied with are purchase. He made it an easy process and even after we made the purchased he had the oil changed, tires rotated and aligned. Thanks for everything Eli!


Quick and easy transaction. . Eli was the sales persons name and he was very honest and dependable. No suprises , I would shop there again . Bought a lexus rx 330 in impeccable shape!


Eli was an absolute professional! He went above and beyond the scope of my expectations. From helping to get my title from my old bank (which, by the way I had been trying to get for at least two days three migraines), going to the DMV to get my plates and giving me a great treade-in price. Needless to say, we got an awesome deal. I would recomend Atlas Auto & Marine to anyone and if he had more cards, I would be passing them to everyone.


Two very happy customers


Eli was very honest about everything he said about the car. I bought the car out of state over the phone and it was delivered to me as described .


Eli is really a very honest and helpful person to deal with...huge integrity and a true man of his word...a pleasure to deal with..and a great deal too !!!


Never met a honest car salesman till Eli. Thanks .great price and honesty sells. Thanks Eli.


Venice, FL 34292

(941) 929-4832